VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO CONDUCT FROG CALL SURVEYS The North American Amphibian Monitoring Program has been recently expanded to include frog call surveys in Georgia. Organized by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, this effort will help us learn more about frog population trends and distributions. We are seeking volunteers with demonstrable (you must pass a quiz to participate) abilities to identify Georgia frogs by their calls, and who are willing to run one or more 15 mile driving routes three nights per year. Additionally, because consistency is so important to this effort, we are seeking volunteers that can commit to do this at least three straight years, but ideally five or more. If you are interested, please contact John Jensen, GA NAAMP Coordinator, at: john_jensen@dnr.state.ga.us or (478)994-1438.

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Frogwatch USA is a frog and toad monitoring program that gives YOU the opportunity to help scientists conserve amphibians! With as little as 20 minutes a week you can collect essential information to protect frogs and toads. This long-term amphibian study, managed by the National Wildlife Federation in partnership with the United States Geological Survey, will increase awareness of amphibian decline and will give you the opportunity to be directly involved in gathering information that can ultimately lead to practical and workable ways to help stop the decline of these important species.

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January 30,2007
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