Frogs of Georgia CD Available Now! - ORDER YOURS TODAY!!

FORSYTH, Ga. (August 11, 2003) -- Have you ever wondered which animal produced the sounds of spring and summer in your backyard or questioned the call that came bellowing from the bushes from a nearby pond? Georgian's can now learn more about some of these sounds with the new "Calls of the Wild Vocalizations of Georgia's Frogs" Compact Disk produced by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division (DNR/WRD) with the help of Georgia frog expert and talented nature recording artist Walter Knapp.

Whether it's the jug o' rum, jug o' rum of the bullfrog, the sheep-like buzzing of the Eastern narrowmouth toad, or the vomiting sound of the spadefoot, every species has a distinct, individual call. Presenting the unique calls of all 31 species, this CD will introduce you to the wonderful and often bizarre calls of Georgias frogs and toads. The CD has separate recordings of every native species, as well as a non-native species from the Caribbean, the greenhouse frog, that has become established in several areas of southern Georgia. Additionally, over 20 minutes of mixed species choruses are included that can be listened to as peaceful and natural background music or can be used to test your ability to identify individual species mixed within others. Informative narration is provided for each of the individual species' recordings, and a 15-page booklet loaded with information including natural history, range maps and physical characteristics for each species accompanies the CD.

To order your copy of "Calls of the Wild" send $15.36 per CD (includes $12.95 CD cost, $0.91 sales tax -Georgia residents only - and $1.50 for shipping/handling) to: GA DNR/WRD, Nongame Wildlife & Natural Heritage Section, 116 Rum Creek Drive, Forsyth, GA 31029, ATTN: Georgia's "Calls of the Wild" CD, or for more information call (478) 994-1438.  Make your check payable to the WILDLIFE CONSERVATION FUND.

August 11, 2003