These pages were initiated as a result of my and my wife's work on The Georgia Herp Atlas, a 5 year volunteer effort to catalog all herps in the state which ended July 2001.

We continue to locate more frogs and the site is updated accordingly.

Using the '94 study mentioned below as a baseline, distributions observed mostly by myself are cataloged in the maps on the pages.My work has not yet included everywhere in Georgia, here's some idea of where we have been:

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A Homemade Parabolic Mic Design

M/S Stereo setups using Sennheiser MKH mics

Modified SASS mics using Sennheiser MKH-110's or MKH-20's

What does a frog recordist look like?
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The sound files contained in these pages are in mp3 format encoded with Soundjam.
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