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Disk Brakes

Sachs Disc Brake


Sachs Disc Brake Shoe
If anyone has or knows where I can get Sachs Disc Brake spares, especially shoes, contact me

Mounting Unbottle Under Seat

Unbottle 70 with added buckles, insulated hose and valve, platypus connector

Lower strap for connecting unbottle, two are used with 100oz unbottle

Unbottle 70 Mounted, easily disconnected, or just lower strap disconnect will allow it to swing out for filling, hose can be disconnected and left in place when filling. Note Fastback 3.0 on other side used for tools and fastback bottle holder.

Homemade Receiver Rack for the GTR

Trike Rack

Ready to Load

Rack Folded

Rack Folded

Mounting Trike

Loading GTR on Rack

GTR on Rack 1

GTR on Rack, not tied down, uses rack straps front and regular webbing in back to tie down.  Also lock brakes to keep it from rocking.

GTR on Rack 2

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